Command Staff
Name Title Phone Email
Regina Lawson Chief of Police 336.758.6066
Ken Overholt Major / Campus Properties 336.758.7296
Derri Stormer Major Support Services & Strategic Initiatives 336.758.5057
Melanie Hylton Operations Manager 336.758.6066
Chauncey Bowers Emergency Services Manager 336.758.3377
Bryan Blakley Executive Officer/Patrol Division 336.758.7318
Patrol Supervisors
Name Title Phone Email
Scott Smith Patrol Sergeant 336.758.7239
Humberto Gonzalez Patrol Sergeant 336.758.2162
Jim Pitts Patrol Corporal 336.758.5240
Support Services
Name Title Phone Email
Craig Bullins Sergeant Support Services 336.758.3566
Tammy Taylor Victim Support Advocate 336.758.4332
Security and Special Events Supervisors
Name Title Phone Email
James Gravely Sergeant Special Events 336.758.3567
Chris Batista Security Supervisor 336.758.4723
Office Administration
Name Title Phone Email
Michelle Fender Financial Assistant 336.758.3245
Dawn Watkins Records Management Coordinator/Property & Evidence 336.758.4566
Patrol Squad A
Name Title Phone Email
Teresa Carlton Patrol Officer 336.758.5591
Dan Paquette Patrol Officer 336.758.5591
Dana Felts Patrol Officer 336.758.5591
John Pratt Patrol Officer 336.758.5591
Tim Wilson Patrol Officer 336.758.5591
James Davis Patrol Officer 336.758.5591
Patrol Squad B
Name Title Phone Email
Mike Bottoms Patrol Officer 336.758.5591
Jeff Holleman Patrol Officer 336.758.5591
Paul Hudson Patrol Officer 336.758.5591
David Taylor Patrol Officer 336.758.5591
Randi Wooten Patrol Officer 336.758.5591

Name Title Phone Email
Chris Holt Patrol Corporal 336.758.5591
Robert Fisher Patrol Corporal 336.758.5591
Communications &
Emergency Services
Name Title Phone Email
Dennette Lilly Communications Supervisor 336.758.2464
Lori Durham Communications Officer 336.758.5591
Beth Frye Communications Officer 336.758.5591
Rodney Gardner Communications Officer 336.758.5591
Sonya Hart Communications Officer PT 336.758.5591
Diana Henderson Communications Officer 336.758.5591
Jennifer Saunders Communications Officer 336.758.5591
Nancy Via Communications Officer 336.758.5591
Mark Young Communications Officer 336.758.5591

Where We’re Located

The WFU Police Department is located on the first floor of Alumni Hall. View our campus map to see where on the Reynolda Campus we’re located.