Alcohol Policy

Students are subject to all state, local and University regulations concerning the use of alcoholic beverages. Public intoxication, consumption, or display of liquors, wines, or beers in residence halls or elsewhere on campus is prohibited. Furthermore, unbecoming behavior or any conduct violation committed by a student under the influence of alcohol will be dealt with in a serious manner. Violations or infractions that occur off-campus are subject to judicial review along with any state or local penalties.

Drug Policy

The University recognizes the potential harmful effect that substance abuse can have on the lives of individual members within the Wake Forest community. To that end, the University has adopted a Substance Abuse Policy and Program that addresses the issues of identification, confidentiality, education and treatment and penalties for violation of the policy.

Weapons Policy

WFU WEAPONS POLICY: You may not possess or carry a weapon on University property or at University-sponsored activities. There are exceptions for authorized uses, such as the official duties of law enforcement and military personnel.

Students are subject to all federal, state and local laws as well as university regulations concerning bringing or possessing either openly or concealed weapons on campus. The possessing or displaying of weapons on campus is subject to judicial review along with state and local penalties that could result in the conviction of a felony or misdemeanor depending on the type of weapon displayed or possessed. These university regulations and Winston-Salem City ordinances include paintball guns.