Crime leaves us all at a loss. No one expects a family member, a close friend, or even themselves to become a victim of crime.

There is a period of shock and confusion that follows the criminal victimization of yourself or a loved one. These feelings are normal and common. It is important to give yourself time to understand and talk about what has happened. However, it is not always possible to do this alone. It may be useful to seek the services of those specially trained and experienced in helping victims reduce the emotional impact of crime.

The University Police Department’s Victim Support Program was established to provide these services to anyone who may become a victim of crime while on the campus. The Victim Support Program maintains close working relationships with other local and state victim service providers.


Services provided by the Victim Support Program are available to any Wake Forest University student, faculty, staff or visitor to the campus who becomes the victim of a crime committed within the jurisdiction of the Wake Forest University Police Department.

Services Provided

Emergency Outreach

Victim Support  is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to respond to the emergency needs of a victim. For assistance, call 336.758.5591.

Victim Support

The Victim Support Program is here to ensure that victims of crime receive fair treatment in accordance with the provisions of the North Carolina Victim’s Rights Amendment. This amendment guarantees a victim’s right to be informed, to be present and to be heard, when relevant, at all crucial stages of the criminal proceedings.

Victim support  personnel can accompany and support victims through all stages of the criminal justice process such as law enforcement interviews, line-ups, testimony, deposition, trial, sentencing, injunction, hearings, etc.

Crisis Intervention & Referral

Every victim of crime, especially violent crime, experiences predictable emotions and behaviors in the aftermath of his/her victimization. Victim support personnel provides emotional support dealing with the initial issues and feelings the victim may have. Referrals for counseling are made to Wake Forest University Counseling Center, the Safe Office, Title IX, the Chaplains Office and agencies off campus.

Campus & Community Education

Victim Support is available to speak to the campus community about the Victim Support Program and other related topics. For more information or to request a speaker, call the program at 336.758.5716.

NC Victims Rights Statement

Guidelines for Fair Treatment of Victims in the Criminal Justice System

  1. Victims have a right to be treated with dignity and compassion.
  2. Victims have a right to be informed concerning the criminal justice process.
  3. Victims have a right to provide input into the criminal justice process, especially at such key points as plea bargaining, sentencing, and parole release hearings.
  4. Victims have a right to receive restitution.
  5. Victims have a right to due process in criminal court proceedings.
  6. Victims have a right to timely notice of judicial proceedings they are to attend and cancellations of any proceedings.

Services Provided by the University Police Department Victim Support Program

  1. Twenty-four hour support/outreach to victims of violent crime.
  2. Referral to community and University support services for counseling and other assistance.
  3. Victim  support and accompaniment through criminal proceedings (testimony, deposition, trial, sentencing, injunction, hearings, etc.).
  4. Community education, consultation and speaking engagements.

All services are free, most are confidential, and available to all university students, faculty, staff and visitors to the University campus.

Wake Forest University

All Campus Emergencies911
All Campus non-Emergencies311
University Police (information)336.758.5591
Counseling Center336.758.5273
Safe Office336.758.5285
Chaplains Office336.758.5210
Title IX336.758.7258
Deacon Health336.758.5218
Care Team336.758.2645
Outside Resources
Winston-Salem Police Dept. Victim Assistance336.773.7860/7741
Forsyth County Sheriff’s Dept. Victim Assistance336.917.7167
Family Services336.722.8173
Crisis Control336.724.7453
First Line336.703.3000
NC Center for Laws Affecting Women336.759.2600
Rape Response336.722.4457
District Attorney’s Victim Coordinator336.779.6310
Victims Compensation, Raleigh, NC919.733.7974
North Carolina Victim Assistance Network919.831.2857
Domestic Violence336.723.8125
Safe on Seven336.776.3255