ZSR Library

ZSR LibraryThe Z. Smith Reynolds Library is now open 24 hours a day 4 days a week with special hours on the weekend. There are two security officers responsible for the security of the Library. Their duties are to report suspicious activity, safety issues and assist visitors with questions and concerns.

Security officers are responsible for monitoring the exit desk to insure that books and other equipment are not being removed from the library without permission. The library security officer is the liaison officer between our police department and the library personnel. This is a great tool which puts our department in close communication with the library’s staff to communicate safety concerns.

Gymnasium Security

Sutton CenterThe gym security officer’s presence is to insure the safety and security of all visitors to the gymnasium. Officers conduct security checks of several buildings during their shift, such as the Sutton Center, Reynolds Gym, the Miller Center and the Manchester Athletic Center.

Their responsibilities also include opening the gyms and securing all doors inside the building and locking the exterior doors at the end of their shift. During their shift they are watching for suspicious activity and reporting safety concerns to the appropriate personnel. Check the Sutton Center for its operational hours.