The crime log disclosed incidents occurring on Wake Forest University owned or controlled property, streets immediately contiguous to Wake Forest owned property, as well as the patrol jurisdiction of Wake Forest University Police.





OCADate/Time ReportedDate/Time OccurredOffenseLocationDisposition
20240056407/09/2024 112107/02/2024 0948StalkingReynolda GardensClosed Title IX
20240056107/08/2024 022007/08/2024-07/09/2024 1700-0150Property DamageOutside HS Moore and Lot VClosed Inactive
20240056607/10/2024 221007/09/2024 2210AssaultOutside of South Residence HallClosed Dean
20240056907/11/2024 164107/10/2024 0930HarassmentIntersection of Long Drive and Polo Road Closed
20240057107/12/2024 140607/12/2024 1406HarassmentWorrell Professional CenterClosed
20240057207/15/2024 011507/14/2024-07/15/2024 UnknownProperty DamageUnknownClosed
20240057607/16/2024 194907/16/2024 1102-1609Property DamageBenson Near the Loading DockOpen