Study Abroad Safety

The Wake Forest University Police Department is concerned about your safety while you are on campus and while studying abroad. The following links provide information on travel safety for students studying abroad.

Study Abroad Travel Safety

  • Be aware of pickpockets; petty theft is common among students
  • Avoid underage and excessive alcohol consumption
  • Don’t import, purchase, use, or have drugs in your possession
  • Obey the local laws
  • Only use licensed and regulated taxis
  • Do Not carry weapons
  • Avoid participating in demonstrations and other political activities
  • Be safe and secure in your residence
  • Practice ATM security
  • Be conscious of your verbal and non-verbal behavior

If you have a problem:

  • Call the WFU Police collect at 336.758.5591 or if you cannot call, Email:
  • Call the local U.S. Embassy Consular. Obtain the number prior to traveling at
  • If you are arrested, cooperate with local authorities and ask to call the U.S. Embassy
  • Additional tips and information can be found at WAKE Alert.