The Wake Forest University Police Department was selected as one of five agencies that were “Pilot Program” agencies. The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators saw the growing need to have campus law enforcement agencies accredited, and in order to establish the program, the pilot agencies set the standard for the accreditation process. The Wake Forest University Police Department is the only pilot agency that completed the entire process for accreditation and the first campus law enforcement agency to be accredited by the complete process.

The Wake Forest University Police Department received its initial accreditation in 2008. The assessment team conscientiously reviewed agency accreditation files; interviewed and observed officers and staff; accepted public comment and met with campus leaders; and toured and inspected agency facilities. It was stated that all Wake Forest University Police Department personnel exhibited a professional demeanor and a positive attitude toward the on site assessment as well as their relationship with the community they serve.

The Wake Forest University Police Department received their initial accreditation at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of I.A.C.L.E.A.

The accreditation process is an on-going process with the Wake Forest University Police Department. The I.A.C.L.E.A. accreditation process requires the agency to comply with the highest standards in four (4) primary areas: policy and procedures, administration, operational procedures, and support services. Proof of compliance with these standards is reviewed and maintained on a daily basis through our Total Accreditation Management and Evaluation System (TAME). This system provides the accreditation manager the ability to request supporting documentation from the various units within the department. This documentation illustrates that compliance with the various standards is being maintained. Examples are employee evaluations, use of force compliance, weapons and training proficiency.

The Wake Forest University Police Department is also a member of NCLEAN (North Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation Network) that meets six times a year. Contact is also maintained with NCLEAN and its members through an internet network for the membership.