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The Wake Forest University Police Department (WFUPD) seeks to develop a positive and lasting relationship with the University community. All members of the department strive to provide competent and courteous services that are critical to the achievement of the Department’s overall mission for a safe, secure, and enjoyable community in which to live and work.

WFUPD is dedicated to providing the University community with the highest level of service in identifying and preventing crime, but is also dedicated to providing a number of non-criminal services to the community.  At this time we provide the following extended services:

Silent Witness – Webpage used to submit any information you have regarding a suspicious person, any suspicious activity, or a crime that has occurred on or off campus. Anonymous tips are always welcome. On campus tips will be immediately forwarded to the University Police. Off-campus tips or crime information will be forwarded to the criminal justice agency serving that area where the crime occurred.

Ask a Cop – Ask questions about how or why law enforcement operates the way it does. Ask a question about how we may assist you. This is your opportunity to ask a non parking related question of us and we will respond.

Community Input – We would like to know and understand how we can better serve you. Be assured that we welcome all suggestions and any constructive criticisms you may have regarding out procedures or personnel. Suggestions will be studied and given consideration.

Emergency Call Boxes – The WFU Emergency Phone System is designed to aid in providing safety and security to the university community.  Emergencies or criminal activity can be reported directly to police even in remote areas.  Anyone who needs assistance should use the phones for immediate contact with University Police.

Victim Support – The University Police Department’s Victim Support Program was established to provide services to anyone who may become a victim of crime while on the campus. The Victim Support Program maintains close working relationships with other local and state victim service providers, and is a member of the North Carolina Victim Assistance Network. All services are free and confidential.

Victim Advocacy – Victim Advocacy Service provides education and awareness on sexual assault, dating/relationship violence, and stalking. It also provides services to students, faculty, and staff of Wake Forest University.

RAD – A program to develop and enhance the options of self-defense so they may become viable considerations to the woman who is attacked.