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Current Positions – Human Resources
For a complete list of employment opportunities with Wake Forest University, including the Police Department, visit the WFU Human Resources (HR) Employment Opportunities page.

If You Want To Apply For Employment
The Wake Forest University Human Resources Department has implemented an Online Employment System that has replaced paper applications. Click the Employment Opportunities link in the paragraph above to determine if the University Police Department has any vacancies and to begin the application process. After submitting the University Job Application, candidates for sworn positions may be contacted by phone and instructed to complete additional application forms.

The Department
The Wake Forest University Police Department is devoted to providing a safe environment for students, faculty and staff to work, live and learn. The department, which includes professionally trained individuals, consists of Patrol Sergeants, Police Officers, an Investigator, Nightwatch Officers, Police Communications Officers, a Records Manager, gym and library Security Officers, gate Security Officers and administrative staff.

All campus police officers have completed Basic Law Enforcement Training required by the State of North Carolina that certifies them as police officers with full powers to arrest and carry firearms. However, our primary concern is protecting and assisting students and the campus community. We provide 24-hour service 365 days a year. Our mission is to recognize individuals and circumstances that threaten the community and take appropriate action.

Hiring Procedure
Applications must be completed and submitted on-line at WFU Human Resources Employment Opportunities page.

Police Officers
Uniformed in navy trousers and gray shirts, these officers are armed and possess full powers of arrest. They patrol campus by vehicle, bicycles and on foot to provide 24-hour protection of lives and property.

This section provides in-depth and follow-up investigation of crimes committed on campus and liaison with other area counterparts in local, state and national law-enforcement agencies.

Non-sworn, unarmed Security Officers in brown uniforms who patrol campus on foot at night. They perform security checks of buildings and the residence halls, Nightwatch also serves as extra eyes and ears for police officers.

Gym and Library Security Officers
Non-sworn, unarmed Security Officers in brown uniforms who patrol Reynolds Gym and J. Smith Reynolds Library on foot. They monitor these facilities for unauthorized use, behavioral problems, emergencies, and prevention of criminal activity.

Police Communications Officers
Communications Officers handle all Police telecommunications, including emergency 911, non-emergency calls, campus emergency phones and radio calls. They also operate the card access system and “walk-in” traffic.

This division maintains and controls all of the police department’s internal records, official reports and crime analysis.

Employee Benefits

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Coverage
  • Tuition Concession Plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Travel /Accident Insurance
  • Retirement Plan (After 2 Years employment)
  • Total Disability Insurance (after 3 Years employment)
  • Event Ticket/Book Store Discounts
  • Thirteen Holidays
  • 160 hours Paid Time Off (PTO)

For detailed information on benefits contact the University Department of Human Resources at 336.758.4700 or review Employee Benefits Options on-line.