The Wake Forest University Police Department is dedicated to providing the campus community the most updated information about crimes that occur on campus, crime statistics, and significant events that impact the campus community. We are also dedicated to providing the campus community with information that relates to crime prevention and general safety. Click on the links to the left of the page or below to get specific information on the topics listed.

WFU Police Body Cam – Wearable cameras allow for filming of interaction between officers and members of the University community.

Community in Progress – “Community in Progress” reflects our belief that while we work to improve Wake Forest’s campus climate, we are actively practicing what it means to be in community together.

Emergency Text Alerts – Wake Forest University uses cell phone numbers of students, faculty and staff to send text alerts during an emergency.

Bike Registration/Parking – Register your bike and get information about parking on campus.

Study Abroad Safety – Safety tips for studying abroad.

Arrest Data – Annual Arrest Data

Crime Prevention – Your safety depends mostly upon your own attitude and actions. Use common sense and do not place yourself in a location or situation to become a victim of crime.

Helpful Links – Internal and external non WFUPD services available to students, faculty, and staff.