Advisory Board Membership Application

Serving the WFU community, the Police Advisory Board’s main goal is to serve as a connection between the WFU campus community and the WFU Police. The board is comprised of students, faculty and staff from all areas and departments on campus. We seek to share WFU’s community input on matters pertaining to police service and campus safety issues. The board also functions as a sounding board for the Chief of Police on various issues or concerns involving the department and the WFU community addressing specific incidents and on broader matters of policy and procedure. We also make recommendations to the WFU Police on the promotion of public awareness.

All student appointments shall be for one academic year. All non student appointments shall be for 2 academic years. All board members are eligible for three terms of reappointment and for subsequent reappointment after at least a one term break in appointment.

Meetings occur every month, date, time and place TBA.

Please give us some information about why you would like to serve on the WFU Police Advisory Board, what assets you would bring to our board and what areas, organizations or departments on campus your representation can contribute toward enhancing the safety of the WFU community.