Monthly Theme – October

“Drive Safely”

As we get back to school we find ourselves driving around Winston Salem and related areas. These are often unfamiliar to us. Below are a few tips that can help insure our safety:

  • Allow yourself enough time for your trip. When we are rushed that is when we speed, go through yellow lights and don’t slow down for curves.
  • Do not follow too closely. Allow four seconds between you and the car in front. This increases your reaction time. Most urban accidents occur because there was not enough reaction time.
  • Think of all the things you have seen other drivers do when they should be driving. Their bad habits put you at risk. Drive slower, and more cautiously especially at intersections.
  • Be aware of the school zones and playgrounds around Wake Forest. Obey the speed limit in those areas. Keep the kids safe!
  • Plan your trip. Know where you are going so you are not confused. Confused driers slow down unexpectedly and cause accidents.
  • And of course DO NOT drink and drive. North Carolina enforces the .08 BAC rule for those over 21 and for those under 21 the BAC is zero. Other states may have different rules; however, you are now in NC and must abide by NC laws.