Monthly Theme – March

“Safe Break”

  • Check the U.S. State Department travel warnings website for countries on their list.
  • Remember not all countries have safety requirements or inspections for things such as Zip Lines and Para sailing.
  • Only use established taxis. Some countries allow anyone to act as a taxi with a sign. Ask how much to take you to your destination.
  • Do not go to an unknown destination.
  • Have enough money to get back to your hotel.
  • Take only one Credit card and your check card. Keep them on you at all times.
  • Make copies of your Credit cards and passport in case they are lost. Including the phone number to call and cancel the cards.
  • Let a family member know your travel plans. Where you are staying and when you will return.
  • Communication is important. Carry your cell phone. You can get it turned on in other countries by contacting your cell provider. Carry a phone card if your cell cannot be turned on.
  • Remember your medications. Do not try to go a week without your medication.
  • Find out how you contact police, hospitals, and make collect calls once you arrive in another country.
  • Do not accept food or drinks from strangers
  • Arrive in a new country with a few dollars of the local currency. You do not want to stand out in a crowd trying to get change for a 20.00 bill for a soda. (The vendor may not know the rate of exchange)