Monthly Theme – April

“Identity Theft”

We all want to protect our identity. We should always be cautious about giving information online about who we are including addresses and phone numbers. This includes email that redirects us to websites that “Look” real. Here are some other tips:

  • When getting medication at your local drug stores it has become the practice for the store to ask your name and address. Speak lowly or lean over to the clerk if possible.
  • When buying groceries and using your ATM card sometimes you are asked if you would like additional cash back. – Say Yes. This keeps you from going to the ATM by yourself. One less stop- one less risk.
  • Do not reserve your table at a restaurant or fast food place by leaving your purse or book bag at the table.
  • Always lock your car. Often there are items in the car that reveal your identity.
  • If traveling overseas take some local currency with you. Have a support system back home that has all your credit card numbers and the phone numbers to call if those cards are lost or stolen. Call right away if they are missing.
  • Enroll in a credit monitoring service.
  • Always check your credit card invoices to insure the charges are correct.
  • Shred your mail prior to putting it in the garbage.
  • Do not leave bills out when you have company. Bills should go to someplace protected until paid.
  • Do not respond to phone calls from people you do not know who request your information.
  • When traveling overseas use your Credit cards or cash if possible. Do not use your ATM card connected to your checking account.