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University Police Videos

Shots Fired On Campus
is a 20 minute video that provides you with critical guidance on how to recognize and survive an active shooter situation. This video stresses awareness, preparation and rehearsal, the keys to safety.

Shots fired on campus… the last thing you’d expect to hear. The odds of being involved in a situation like this are similar to your chances of being struck by lightning… It’s a strange thing about lightning though. We use it as a way to describe something that seemingly has no chance of happening. But how many of us would stand next to a metal pole during a thunderstorm? Preparedness is the key to survival.

Campus Safety 101

The University wants all faculty, staff, and students to be educated on the safety issues that may arise on campus. Personal safety is always a concern. This video will teach you how to avoid potential safety problems and introduce you to available resources on campus.

Wake UP

This student orientation video includes messages from Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), Winston-Salem Fire Department (WSFD), Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE), and Winston-Salem Police Department (WSPD). This video will give you an awareness to North Carolina laws and agencies enforcing these laws regarding alcohol, drugs, and public safety.