About Us

Mission Statement
The Wake Forest University Police Department is committed to a comprehensive approach in providing a safe and inclusive community where students, faculty, staff and visitors may experience a sense of security and belonging.

The WFU Police Department is comprised of professionally trained police officers, security officers, communications officers, and support staff. The primary concern of the department is to protect and assist the campus community.

Agency Philosophy
Employees understand that it is the philosophy and duty of each person within the agency to support the educational mission of the University. Our Department exists under a dual obligation to function both in a quasi-governmental, law enforcement capacity as well as to serve the greater interest of the University. Employees understand how their role as sworn law officers supports the overarching institutional mission

Wake Forest University Police Department - 2011

Wake Forest University Police Department – 2014

Organizational Chart

 Organizational Values

  • Providing professional, service focused policing
  • Educate and promote the importance of individual responsibility
  • Offering and participating in community engagement opportunities
  • Accountability through leadership,¬†training¬†and assessment
  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive Campus Community